‘I’m still Me’ what does that mean? ‘I’m Still Me’ such a simple phrase that could be used for almost anyone these days in our busy everyday lives, however let me explain the way I’m using this simple, but powerful phrase.

Imagine hearing that you’ve been diagnosed or affected by with a Life Changing condition, a condition that will change your life , forever. Words that could include Cancer, Motor Neuron Disease, Type 1 Diabetes, Stroke.  Do you know what happens when your told you have a Life Changing condition? I hope you don’t, however what happens is this, you become known as the person with…… or the patient with….. or the one who hasn’t got long to live with…….

Think about this why are you suddenly non existent? Why do you lose your identity so quickly and gain another one? Why do people who are affected become so lonely and lose themselves? It is because people forget they are the same person they were before the diagnosis. They haven’t changed their life has sure but they are still the same they scream out silently to all that fuss and fret

I’m still me……


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