Sucked into a Vortex

As you sit in the chair and wait for the results your nervous, your life as you know it may change forever,  you want to know, but you don’t. And then you hear the words ‘I’m sorry but you have……….the words you didn’t want to hear, the words that will change your life forever. Time stands still, in that spilt second, your heart starts to beats loudly, so loudly that you can’t hear anything over the sound, they’re still talking but their words become muffled, it’s just you and your heart, your heart beating so loudly and the questions inside your head going round and round, the words, What, Why, How, When?
Being diagnosed with  a Life Changing condition feels like being sucked into a Vortex , a big whirling black dark Vortex, sucked away from the life you knew yesterday , last week, forever.Sucked away from your old life into a life of, well you just don’t know what lays ahead. Life as you know it changed forever. Everything out of your control, no control,whirling, lost, lonely.
You become a patient, the patient with….. you lose your identity, you are treated differntly, your lonely even though your surrounded by people. You just want to scream can’t you see ‘I’m Still Me’ I’m Still Me’….. please let me, be me.Being diagnosed with a Life Changing condition feels like
Don't let me get lost in the midst of this illness

I’m Still Me

‘I’m still Me’ what does that mean? ‘I’m Still Me’ such a simple phrase that could be used for almost anyone these days in our busy everyday lives, however let me explain the way I’m using this simple, but powerful phrase.

Imagine hearing that you’ve been diagnosed or affected by with a Life Changing condition, a condition that will change your life , forever. Words that could include Cancer, Motor Neuron Disease, Type 1 Diabetes, Stroke.  Do you know what happens when your told you have a Life Changing condition? I hope you don’t, however what happens is this, you become known as the person with…… or the patient with….. or the one who hasn’t got long to live with…….

Think about this why are you suddenly non existent? Why do you lose your identity so quickly and gain another one? Why do people who are affected become so lonely and lose themselves? It is because people forget they are the same person they were before the diagnosis. They haven’t changed their life has sure but they are still the same they scream out silently to all that fuss and fret

I’m still me……